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My Child Super Heroes All Grown up

Just finished seeing “Deadpool” at the Lowes — Lincoln Square on the upper west and though I didn’t find it entertaining as Wolverine or Iron Man it still amazes me that we’re in an age where cinema and technology can really make my childhood heroes come to life.

Comic books were such a big part of my childhood. Growing up in less-than-modest circumstances sometimes they were the common bond between my grade school friends and myself. Comic got me interested in drawing and telling stories with the characters I would conjure up and share with my friends. Over time a few friends and I started drawing and sharing our own comic strips with some frequency that my friend Matt and I decided to create our own series/comic book company: MD Comics (Matt & Dave.) We had a set of core characters that had a weekly series and coupled that with our own MD Universe that would introduce new characters and see how our peers would react to them (the ladder was by far the most fun.)

My Main characters consisted of the heroes:
 · Lazerblade — had a hand that shot a laser and a blade helmet
 · Misterious Man — who I think was kind of like Batman
 · Acid Man (don’t go there!)

And a super villain pact:
 · Electric Skull — looked like Skeleton without the hood and “electric” lines around his skull
 · Spectator — an sextapus that shot lasers out of it’s eyes
 · Power Pacer — strong looking orc that had detachable metal hands that he could launch

(ESP for short)

You can say that by today’s standards we were early adaptors towards our entrepreneurial spirit. It was a great way for a kid like me who didn’t have the means to buy my own actual comics (and candy, and Motley Crue cassettes, and yada yada) on my own. It was an awesome part of my life that I will be forever proud of.

I had to figure out a way to make money without selling old doughnuts from the bakery dumpster…but anyway. That’s a whole different story.

Whenever I see any of the Marvel (or any superhero movie) these days I always wonder why did I ever let that part of my life go? I have always been creative. Comics; music; sculpture; graphic design; coding — I have had a pretty good success with each of these mediums as creative outlet yet the drawing is the one I miss the most.

Especially the comic book drawing. I like creating characters, their stories.

For the longest time this all escaped me and I hadn’t really thought or remembered much about what Matt and I did all those years ago. It wasn’t until we connected on Facebook that he told me he still had copies of the comic we had done and had been saving them all along. He was nice enough to send me some of the original drawings I did and some copies of other we did together.

It was amazing to see these again say the least. The best part about rekindling with this part of my life (other than the crude drawing) was the character bios. But I began to wonder what they would look like from an actual comic graphic artist perspective. Luckily my friend Josh James was available to see this through. He did an awesome job.

Take a look.